MATOŠEVIĆ Pimpinellin za web

MATOŠEVIĆ Pimpinellin

Friday June 17th, 2016 * Zoran

The world-famous winemaker Ivica Matosevic and well-known Split caterer and joker Zeljan Radman decided to create a “house wine” of the restaurant “Pimpinella”.

Label design basically communicates the fact that drinking wine in limited quantities is medicine, and is designed in the form of typical medicinal instructions, with minimalist aesthetics.

Text was designed to humorously reinterpret all relevant remarks of such instructions, not only because the restaurant is known for its specific humor, but also to raise the mood, appetite and thus better digestion.

Label affixed to the bottle rotated 90 degrees enables easier reading of long lines of text, makes the bottle more elegant and artistic throughout it’s range, where the aesthetics of the text in the direction of falling drops of wine contributes relaxation, creating a whole, unique aesthetic, despite the apparent association to medicine instructions.

Inversion of black and white signifies the red (black) or white wine.

Name of the wine “Pimpinellin” (with the extension “in” as association to typical two-letter extensions in drug nomenclature) is devised for the “house wine” within the series of “Matosevic” brand of wines.

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