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MATOŠEVIĆ Pimpinellin

Friday June 17th, 2016 * Zoran

The world-famous winemaker Ivica Matosevic and well-known Split caterer and joker Zeljan Radman decided to create a “house wine” of the restaurant “Pimpinella”.

Label design basically communicates the fact that drinking wine in limited quantities is medicine, and is designed in the form of typical medicinal instructions, with minimalist aesthetics.

Text was designed to humorously reinterpret all relevant remarks of such instructions, not only because the restaurant is known for its specific humor, but also to raise the mood, appetite and thus better digestion.

Label affixed to the bottle rotated 90 degrees enables easier reading of long lines of text, makes the bottle more elegant and artistic throughout it’s range, where the aesthetics of the text in the direction of falling drops of wine contributes relaxation, creating a whole, unique aesthetic, despite the apparent association to medicine instructions.

Inversion of black and white signifies the red (black) or white wine.

Name of the wine “Pimpinellin” (with the extension “in” as association to typical two-letter extensions in drug nomenclature) is devised for the “house wine” within the series of “Matosevic” brand of wines.


Steven Spurrier about Croatian wines in The Tasting Panel Magazine

Friday November 15th, 2013 * Morana

Steven Spurrier, British wine expert and the living legend of the global wine scene, wrote an informative and affirmitive article about Croatian wines in The Tasting Panel Magazine (Nov 2013). This is a good promotion for Croatia as wine country, and we are especially proud of great compliments given to Matošević Winery. You can read the whole article here.
Letter from London_NOV_13_PROOF


New York Times Impressed by Malvasia Istriana

Wednesday September 18th, 2013 * Morana

Robert Draper, freelance author and contributor to the New York Times, took a trip to Istria this summer and visited several restaurants, taverns and winemakers. His story was published on 25 August, 2013. Pleasantly surprised and impressed by Istrian culinary heritage and wines, the author put focus on the queen of Istrian wines – Malvasia. This story is a great promotion for Istria and its food & wine treasures, and you can read it here:


Matošević Wines in Top British Restaurants

Wednesday September 4th, 2013 * Morana

Alba Antiqua Malvasia is the first Croatian dry wine which entered a tasting menu at the legendary English restaurant The Fat Duck, owned by world-famous chef Heston Blumenthal. This a great honour and a big step forward in promoting Istrian Malvasia as top-quality Istrian and Croatian wine brand. Besides, the Fat Duck’s wine list also includes our blends Grimalda White and Grimalda Red. We owe this success to Isa Bal, sommelier at the Fat Duck, and João Pires, sommelier of currently best rated British restaurant Dinner, also managed by Heston Blumenthal. They visited Matošević Winery in Krunčići in 2012 and tasted our wines. Alba Antiqua obviously made a lasting impression because it was also the recommended wine during November and December 2012 at Dinner. We hope that our entry into the leading British restaurants will help to open many other doors for Istrian Malvasia on the global wine market.

Matošević Wines in Feature Story on Istria: Der Feinschmecker, July 2013

Monday July 15th, 2013 * Morana

Caro Maurer wrote a big story on the wine scene of Istria, for the Austrian leading food & wine magazine Der Feinschmecker. He also visited Matošević Winery. Here you can read the original article.
Der Feinschmecker 0613-ist


Four Decanter Bronze Medals for Matošević Wines

Wednesday May 22nd, 2013 * Morana

At the Decanter World Wine Awards competition, held in London, many Croatian winemakers were awarded, including four Matošević wines. Bronze medals were given to Grimalda White 2009, Grimalda Red 2010, Grimalda White 2010 and Alba Antiqa Malvazija Istarska 2009. The Decanter World Wine Awards is the world’s leading wine competition. The competition is well known for its rigorous judging process, which has led to the DWWA becoming the most authoritative source of wine recommendations for wine lovers worldwide. This year, the 219 judges were from all around the world assessed 14,362 wines from 52 countries. This year’s expert panel of judges included 75 Masters of Wine, and 13 Master Sommeliers.

Jean-Michel Valette MW, DWWA 2013 Judge, says: “What the DWWA team has really done is to recruit a panel of the very best palates in the world to taste each wine, and so when a wine wins a Decanter Medal in this competition, it’s something to be truly proud of.”

Chairman of the Decanter World Wine Awards, Steven Spurrier, says: “The DWWA has arrived at an authority, thanks to the judges, the organisation, thanks to the whole packaging. We’re here to recognise quality, that’s all we’re here for.”


Silver Medals for Matošević Wines at International Wine Challenge 2013

Wednesday May 15th, 2013 * Morana

Croatian winemakers came back with excellent results from the International Wine Challenge, one of the most prestigious annual wine competitions in the world, taking place in London since 1983. Altogether, they harvested 19 medals and 22 commendations. Matošević wines won two silver medals, for Alba Antiqua 2009 and Grimalda White 2010. Both wines are unique because they are tightly connected to the location where they come from, which makes them interesting to knowledgeable foreign experts. Istrian Malvasia Alba Antiqua is special because of its specific vinification process, which includes a short maceration overnight and then fermentation and aging in acacia barrels. Grimalda White, a blend of Chardonnay, Istrian Malvasia and Sauvignon Blanc, is named after the area where the grapes are grown and it strongly reflects the terroir. Both wines regularly receive positive feedback and win awards, and the medals from the International Wine Challenge are a huge honor and compliment for our efforts.

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Matošević & Superbrands

Monday August 29th, 2011 * Zoran

Međunarodna organizacija Superbrands jedini je globalni i neovisni autoritet na području brandinga. Prisutna je na 4 kontinenta i u 88 država širom svijeta, čiji je glavni cilj identificirati vodeće brandove na svakom pojedinom tržištu te, na taj način, dodatno promovirati disciplinu brandinga.

Matošević vina nositelj je Superbrands nagrade 2010 (pdf)

Superbrands Croatia

The Haute Seat; Luxury postings from the top – The Financial Times, June 19, 2011

Tuesday July 12th, 2011 * Luka

Tom Harrow is a wine writer and presenter, consultant and events and vineyards tour host.What he said about us in his article “The Haute Seat; Luxury postings from the top” please read on the website.

Next up, Ivica Matosevic, one of the region’ s pioneers, took me trough a fascinating comparison of his malvasia cuvées- proving the age-ability of the varietal and also its wonderful affinity with acacia, which really lifts the grape’s perfume. is operated by The Financial Times Limited