Central Istrian wine region, vineyard Brdo. 100% Chardonnay. This wine is produced in stainless steel vats, without skin-contact, controlled fermentation and ageing on fine lees until December. It is ready for the market in May-June. Aura is a fresh and elegant medium- body wine, with attractive varietal aromas and pronounced minerality. It is produced in the old-world style and owes its special character to flysch sequence of sedimentary rocks that the vineyard is planted on. This wine reaches its maximum in its second and third year. Due to the quality of grapes, it is long in a glass. This is a versatile wine. It can be drunk at events or caterings. Due to its medium structure, as well as pronounced minerality, it is well adaptable to gastronomy, especially seafood.

An Istrian twist on the world’s most widespread variety.