Wine cellar

Wine cellar is a magical place populated by wines. The winemaker’s job is to bottle everything grapes bring from the vineyard. Along the way, we are trying to lose as little as possible of primordial fruits of the Istrian soil, vine grapes and their care, and this explains the importance of great care during their processing. Technically, we have made a cellar that provides ideal conditions for the wine making process. It is functional in terms of acceptance of grapes, vinification, wine aging and finalization. We have built it following our intuition, ideas and dreams. In addition to space functionality, we wanted us and everyone visiting us to feel good in it. We are confident your visit to our wine cellar will be interesting. We all want to discover the story behind the final product in the bottle, and when we do, you will hear our gripping first-hand accounts…

The wine cellar is situated in Krunčići, above the Lim Canal, some 15 km from Poreč, Rovinj and Vrsar. We are easily found, on the old arterial road Pula-Trieste, right by the Istrian Y highway, Exit 6 (Medaki). We are always looking forward to visits, and we recommend you to book a tour on or telephone 052 448 558. For wine presentation (guided tasting and tour of the cellar) you need to book in advance on or telephone 052 448 558.