Authentic, precise, unique.


Our line of Istrian Malvasias makes up the majority of our production – reflecting the economic importance of this autochthonous Istrian, white variety that makes up around 60 percent of the surface area of all Istrian vineyards.


Aura, Ombra and Neo make up our line of fresh wines with a screw cap and an emphasis on ease of drinking



Wines created to represent the varieties on the terroir of the “Brda” vineyard, located at the foot of the village of Grimalda in central Istria. The specialty of this terroir is the silty-clay soil on flysch with a mineral composition dominated by quartz and calcite, an extremely steep southern exposure, an altitude of over 300m, and a cool wind from the nearby Ćićarija. The wines obtained from this vineyard are recognizable by their distinctive minerality and recognizable texture.

Limited Edition

Some of the latest additions to our wine opus are available on request and in exceptional years.