Welcome to our little world. Matošević, Wines of Istria.



Our story doesn’t begin traditionally, with a fairy tale where our ancestors would have had a modest beginning and devoted future generations would continue the effort. We are crazy and brave spirits and we are well-aware that we cannot go back in time to create the perfect beginning. We picked up our story right where our dream found us, convinced that we can create the perfect ending, one that you can find in your glass.

For many people wine is a businnes, but for us wine production is an adventure where we added heart to rules and legalities. For over twenty-five years, every year we start over on the same path.

Steven Spurrier, The Tasting Panel Magazine: “by my opinion Matosevic is the best Croatian winemaker”


Winemaking is not a job you have from 7am to 3pm. It’s a challenge you face every day of the year. Those are your working hours and job description. You observe the sky, communicate with the Sun and the clouds, read the calendar, argue with the weather forecast, talk to the trees, compliment the grapes, and you are sane. You really have to be a little wacky to enjoy it. You also need to have the understanding of your loved ones.

For me winemaking did not fall from the sky, although it does heavily depend on the sky, in many ways. It’s actually one of the best rock’n’roll decisions I’ve made. Some thought it was crazy to give up the pleasant potential of a PhD, and to others it seemed that I was just reining in my contradictions. I wanted a job that would not only be work, I wanted something personal. It’s not a business, it’s a lifestyle.


They say that place is what determines a wine the most. We are situated in Istria, the northernmost part of the Mediterranean, on a small green peninsula near mythical Venice.

Like all great wine regions, we are located on the 45th Parallel. In our country, for thousands of years, day by day, wine has woven man, his strength, beauty and joy, making him better, as it has in many other regions. Even today, our wines reflect this.

Our malvasias and terans have grown up because we have a “clean deal” with our region, with nature. As the world has become very fast, we have taken care not to fall behind. We adopted knowledge, techniques and skills in order to better understand what makes us special, what makes our region unique, authentic, and we filled our bottles with it.

It’s up to you to uncork it and discover the secret, if you haven’t already…