Straight to the roots! In search of the best grapes, we "rooted" into two Istrian locations - the first is on the slopes of Buje and Krasica in northwestern Istria, and the second is Grimalda, a few kilometers north of Pazin in the municipality of Cerovlje.


The vineyards near Buje have been the “base” of our Malvasias since the first days. The localities Kaštanjari and Vrh now are mature, planted at the end of the 1980’s and they give a clear character, complexity and layers of flavour to the wine.

The hilly and airy positions (140-230 m above sea level) face the morning sun, and the strongly calcareous composition of the soil which is almost white in some places, emphasizes the texture of the wine.

The positions of the vineyards are several kilometers away from the sea, and on clear days you can see the Alps and Venice.



Grimalda, the Brdo vineyard, is located in the extension of the river Mirna valley and lake Butoniga, through which the gentle sea air reaches the very heart of Istria. The vineyard is located at 250-300 m above the sea level, on a playful, flysch relief, protected by the top of Grimalda from the north. The vineyard is south facing, with terraces that follow the configuration of the hill, with a slope of up to 35%, with two rows of vines per terrace. It has been planted here since 2003, and the assortment of vines consists of: Malvasia, Sauvignon and Chardonnay for the whites, and Merlot and Teran for the reds, with a little Syrah and Cabernet sauvignon.

The concept of Grimalda is to grow grapes for the two main labels: Grimalda White and Grimalda Red, with an emphasis on the unique character of the territory  ̶ the microlocation. With precise viticulture and a purely organic approach, we strive to achieve special tasting  grapes and wine, the way that the best do it.